DETRIMENTUM was formed in 1996 under the moniker of ZARATHUSTRA by founding members Ed and Jon who began writing atmospheric death metal, with strong doom and black metal overtones.

The band went from strength to strength, honing a unique style of dark, brutal and atmospheric Death Metal with elements of Doom and Black metal, still retaining some of the original style showcased in their earlier material, but with increased tightness and fluidity.

DETRIMENTUM have played many gigs to date alongside such bands as Akercocke, Desecration, Zyklon, Vader, Vital Remains, Bolt Thrower, Kataklysm, Visceral Bleeding, Avulsed, Vesperian Sorrow, Deranged, Blood Duster and Cancer.

Currently the band are writing new material for a third release and looking for gigs to support their new album 'Embracing This Deformity’, released by Grindethic Records.

Current Line-up:

Luke - vocals
Phil - bass
Jon B - guitar
Paul - guitar
Jon R - drums




● Day Of Unrest  - DEMO, 1999 (self released) *

● A Monument To Suffering - DEMO, 1999 (self released) *

● A Monument To The Suffering - MCD, 2002 (Grindethic Records)

Embracing This Deformity - CD, 2008 (Grindethic Records)

     * recording as ZARATHUSTRA




Embracing This Deformity (2008)

'Embracing This Deformity' is the long awaited debut full length album from the UK's DETRIMENTUM.  The release sees the band honing their trademark style, blending brutal death metal with elements of black metal and doom.  The album is equally at home expressing ferocious aggression with razor sharp blastbeats and guttural vocals, along with moments of dark introspection with soaring melodies and tortured screams. 

Packaged along with stunning artwork from former vocalist, Eddie Ruffles, the CD-ROM section also contains a live video and the full set of lyrics which stand head and shoulders above the usual death metal fare, taking an uneasy journey across bleak misanthropic landscapes.


01. Scalestomeasurethemisfortuneofman

02. Disillusion Ethos (Of Torment and My Bleeding Shadow)

03. Blood Simple

04. Dark Eye - mp3 (right click and " target as")

05. The Flesh Elemental

06. Born To Bleed (Losing Myself To Silence)

07. Negativity Flux

08. Ills To Which The Flesh Is Heir

09. The Contusions Of Remorse

10. Twilight's Slow Attrition