TERRORDROME was formed by Sakis Chatzitakis (guitars) and Stelios Papadopoulos (drums) in the fall of the year 2000. In October 2001 the band recorded the music for their first official release named ‘’Intravenous Multiplication‘’ and in September Peter Ouzounis joined the band on vocals and the first MCD was  completed and finally released in May 2002. The music style was based on Death Metal with many old school influences from bands like Monstrosity, Death and Cannibal Corpse. On 27th of November 2002 they made their first live appearance in Thessaloniki which would be the first of many. For live performances the band had found a bass player named Sakis Anastasiadis who also became a full time member. The first shows around Greece went very well and the band continued to work on new material.

In the second half of 2003 TERRORDROME entered the studio for the second time and recorded the promo CD “Sane-in-sanE”.  The new material turned out to be more aggressive, intense and technical than the first MCD, in the vein of bands like SUFFOCATION and DYING FETUS. In October 2004 the band were proud to support Death Metal legends OBITUARY at Ydrogeios live stage in Thessaloniki.

A couple of months later, after some problems with the line-up, the band held auditions and Anestis Varitimiadis took over on bass and Antonis Vafiadis took the position behind TERRORDROME’s drum kit. At that time, the band’s logo had also been developed by Christophe Szpajdel. The music style has also changed and it can be described as Brutal Death Metal with influences from bands like ORIGIN, NILE  and HATE ETERNAL.

In May 2006 a four track pre-production recording was released with the new line-up, as a promo material for TERRORDROME’s first full length album. The recording was done by the band itself and the feedback from the underground scene was awesome, helping to gain a contract for booking management and a offer from the UK's GRINDETHIC RECORDS to release their debut album.  The remastered promo tracks would later be released as part of the "Atrocities" 5 way split on LIFE FLUID PRODUCTIONS.  Unfortunately Antonis (drums) no longer fitted in with the rest of the band's new style because of his inability to play the new material. A replacement was found in Bill Stavrianidis, who joined the band in September 2006.

On 11th February 2007 TERRORDROME performed a live show as an opening act for two very important bands of the Death Metal scene, PUNGENT STENCH and MALEVOLENT CREATION.  Work on the debut  album "Vehement Convulsion" (recorded by ROTTING CHRIST's George Bokos) was completed in November 2007 and the band were set to unleash their brutality on the world! 

Current Line-up:

Peter Ouzounis - vocals
Sakis Chatzitakis - guitar
Bill Stavrianidis - drums
Anestis Varitiniadis - bass




● Intravenous Multiplication - MCD, 2002 (self released)

● Sane-In-Sane - DEMO, 2004 (self released)

● Terrordrome - DEMO, 2006 (self released)

● Atrocities  - 5 way split CD, 2006 (Life Fluid Productions)

Vehement Convulsion - CD, 2008 (Grindethic Records)



Vehement Convulsion (2008)



Vehement Convulsion is Terrordrome's debut full length album and is a formidable offering of technical brutal death that will excite fans of DISAVOWED, VISCERAL BLEEDING and HATE ETERNAL.  Unrelenting blastbeats are mixed with intricate guitar work and guttural vocals in considered arrangments that are are stripped of all extraneous material.


The production was handled by George Bokos of ROTTING CHRIST at Grindhouse Studios.  The cd also contains a CD-ROM section with wallpapers, live videos and clips of the band taken during the recording process.



01. 2000 Volts Fat Burning

02. Exposed to Life’s Integration

03. Disputing the Throne

04. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

05. Eradicate the Indigence (right click and "...save target as")

06. No Oral Hesitations

07. Infected Fornication (Inception of Carnal Enslavement)

08. Privileges of Slime

09. Revile the Vagary

10. Inhibit the Discord

11. Festivity of Clitoris Licking