Grindethic Records was formed in 2002 by Jon Rushforth (then of GOREROTTED, INFECTED DISARRAY) and Tom Bradfield (INFECTED DISARRAY, BEEF CONSPIRACY), and was one of the first labels/mailorders in the UK to focus predominantly on Brutal Death Metal and Grind.  

From it's inception, the label played an integral part of the UK underground scene and was involved in bringing many bands over for their first UK shows/tours, including GORGASM, CEREBRAL EFFUSION, SEPTYCAL GORGE, MORTAL DECAY, BLOOD DUSTER and GORATORY.

During the peak of underground CD sales, the mailorder side of the business thrived, moving from photocopied catalogues to being purely online (not forgetting the steady stream of customers seeking out a pair of drunken reprobates clutching tattered cardboard boxes of CDs at the bar of most shows).

The label's first release was a MCD by Greek Brutal Death Metal band FLESHART, and the roster grew over the years with many high quality releases from bands that stood out from the pack with something extra to offer than the usual run of the mill. Highlights included Lebanon's OATH TO VANQUISH, TERRORDROME from Greece, Italy's INDECENT EXCISION, UNCLEANSED from USA and INIQUITOUS SAVAGERY from Scotland, along with several split CDs and compilations that helped showcase newer bands from the UK scene.  However, the band that went on to have the most impact on the global scene were Germany's DEFEATED SANITY who released their first 2 albums on the label to great acclaim.  

In recent years the label has become less active as the scene has moved in different directions.  The mailorder and distrubtion side of the business is gradually being reduced so that the focus will be on direct distribution and wholesale of the label's own releases.

Full release history:

BEER001 - FLESHART - Art Brut (MCD)
BEER002 - DETRIMENTUM - A Monument to the Suffering (MCD)
BEER004 - PUTREFY - Lust So Vile (MCD)
BEER006 - DEFEATED SANITY - Prelude To The Tragedy (CD)
BEER007 - BEEF CONSPIRACY - Hung, Drawn And Quarter-Poundered (MCD)
BEER008 - Damn & Blast Vol.1 compilation (CD)
BEER009 - DEVOURMENT / N.C.C. / SCREAMING AFTERBIRTH / CORPORAL RAID - United States Of Goregrind split (CD)
BEER010 - ENTHRALLMENT - Smashed Brain Collection (CD)
BEER011 - Damn & Blast Vol.2 compilation (CD)
BEER012 - OATH TO VANQUISH - Applied Schizophrenic Science (CD)
BEER013 - DEFEATED SANITY - Psalms Of The Moribund (CD)
BEER014 - INGESTED / CREPITATION / KASTRATED - North-West Slam Fest split (CD)
BEER015 - DETRIMENTUM - Embracing This Deformity (CD)
BEER016 - PUTREFY / BLASPHTIZED / VOMITOUS RECTUM - Vomiting Putrid Blasphemy split (CD)
BEER017 - TERRORDROME - Vehement Convulsion (CD)
BEER018 - Damn & Blast Vol.3 compilation (CD)
BEER019 - Damn & Blast Vol.4 compilation (CD)
BEER020 - KATALEPSY / FLESHROT / BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA - Triumph Of Evilution split (CD)
BEER021 - UNCLEANSED - Domination Of The Faithful (CD)
BEER022 - OATH TO VANQUISH / TERRORDROME - Begetters Of Fear And Ruin split (MCD)
BEER023 - Damn & Blast Vol.5 compilation (CD)
BEER024 - INDECENT EXCISION - Deification Of The Grotesque (CD)
BEER025 - TERRORDROME - The Day Of Sacrilege (CD)
BEER026 - INIQUITOUS SAVAGERY - Compelled By Perverse Immorality (MCD)
BEER027 - INIQUITOUS SAVAGERY - Subversions Of The Psyche (CD)